Filtration for City & County Utilities

  1. Filtration & Water Treatment for Cooling Towers (Ozone, UV, Copper/Silver Ionization Systems & Electronic Descaling Equipment)

  2. Portable Drinking Water Purification Systems. Low Cost Skid Mounted Emergency Water Purification Plants (Utilizes Filtration & Ozone)

  3. Odor Control for Lift Stations (Neutralizes Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercaptan Odors)

  4. Ozone, UV & Filtration for HVAC Systems (Eliminates Sick Building Syndrome, Cleans & Kills Bacteria in Air Handlers & Duct Systems)

  5. Clean, Odor-free Water and Air Anytime and Anywhere

    Eliminates from Water:

    Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Spores, Iron, Manganese, Iron Bacteria, Mildew, Chloramines, Hydrogen Sulfate

    Compressor Ozonator

    Eliminates from Air:

    Bacteria, Viruses, Pollen, Pet Smells, Fish Odor, Smoke Odor (Cigars & Cigarettes), Musty/Stale/Mildew Odors, Mycroscopic Oganic Particles

  6. Filtration & Water Treatment (Ozone) for Fountains, Pools and most Bodies of Water (Allows for the Elimination of most chemicals)

  7. Advanced Oxidation Air Purification System

    Versatile and Customizable

    • Ultraviolet Sterilization - This light-duty mode is always on and provides general cleaning of the air
    • Timed Ozone and Advanced Oxidation - The time is set for ozone generation at planned intervals, such as when residents, clients or employees are present
    • Continuous Ozone - Used for heavy-duty jobs, like eliminating strong odors, when occupants are not present for extended periods.

    Prozone Twister

  8. Portable Odor Eliminators (This unique & powerful device destroys biological pollutants in the air and eliminates their associated odors)

  9. Diesel Fuel Filtration for back-up Generators, keeps fuel cleaner & drier than new (may be used as portables or dedicated units)

    Homeland Security Act - Clean Dry Diesel Fuel for Back-Up Generators: Disruption or destruction of vital infrastructure can continue to impact way beyond the immediate target and continue to reverberate long after the immediate damage is done. Backup alternatives to provide power sources will be critical. Most auxiliary power sources require filtering.

    It is a shared responsibility between government and the private sector to protect infrastructure and key assets.

    Homeland Security will assist state and local governments and private sector partners in efforts to organize and conduct protection for continuity of both government and operations planning.

    Even if there is no concern about terrorist interruption, natural disasters contribute heavily. Clean diesel fuel eliminates one area of concern.

  10. Automatic Self-Cleaning water filters and strainers (For use as industrial water filters, Irrigation filters, cooling tower filters, I.E. & R.O. Prefiltration, Filter Backwash Reclaim Process Cooling Water, Deep Well Injection, Sludge Reclaim, Make-up Water, Wasteweter, Reclaimed Wastewater, Pasteurizers & Potable Water)

  11. Waste Oil Purification (Cleaner & drier than new)

    Portable Filter Cart

    Oil Filtration:
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Lubricating Oil
    • Quench Oil
    • Engine Oil
    • Diesel Oil
    • Cutting Oil
    • Transformer Oil
    • Vacuum Pump

    Model 120:

    • Cleans Oil Fast & Continuously
    • Ultra Fine Contamination Control to One Micron or Below
    • Water Removal Up to One Gallon Per Element
    • Moves Easily From Job to Job

  12. Waste Sewage Conversion to Alternative Fuel for Vehicles (MagneGas is produced as a direct value added by-product of our recycling process)

    PlasmaASrcFlow Recycler - Sludge Plasma Recycling: Nothing is released into the environment because the original biowaste is turned into Magnegas, Hy-Coal fuels and Organic Liquid fertilizer.