In 1980 Bob Kalt founded Sunset Filtration Products to help people in industry with solutions for waste minimization and handling of industrial fluids.

Disposal costs, equipment breakdowns, poor tool life, poor part finishes, and an unpleasant working environment are all easily corrected with proper fluid management practices. Recycling and proper handling of oils and water-based chemicals has been the sole focus of Sunset Filtration since its inception.

Over the years, we have brought together unique and innovative companies with the best track records in their fields for solving the most difficult waste management problems. We offer the right equipment and engineering so that oils, machining coolants, parts washer detergents, and most other fluids can be used indefinitely.

When water-based products cannot be recycled and must be disposed of, we offer an easy, inexpensive, one-step, non-hazardous treatment process. Put our years of experience and success to work for your company. Our greatest satisfaction comes from solving our client’s waste minimization and disposal problems and has made many friends for Sunset Filtration Products.

Here are some of our Clients