Mid-South Sales

To Whom It May Concern:

My Company, Mid-South Sales in Blytheville AR, contacted COMO Filtration Systems in April of 2002 with a problem. Some of my customers us EP 460 gear lube in bowl mills and experience problems with the oil getting very dirty and wet. We needed to be able to remove the contaminates and moisture so the oil could continue to be used. Their typical gear holds 150 gallons of gear oil.

After discussing my application with the knowledgeable staff at COMO Filtration Systems, they custom built a Model 130 to fit our needs. It has a bag filter as a pre filter to catch the bigger contaminates then two polishing filters to absorb the moisture and smaller contaminates. Because of the viscosity of the gear lube we also used an inline heater.

I placed an order for your system and began servicing my customers during the month of July. Every filtered gear box has resulted in clean oil and a completely satisfied customer.

I highly recommend COMO Filtration Systems Model 130/H for this type of application.


Mid-South Sales

Perry R. Byrd