Coolant Recycling

Portable Coolant Recycling & Coalescers

Water Based Industrial Fluid Management
(1 gpm to 100+ gpm)


  • Machine Tool Coolant
  • Wash Water
  • Quench Water


  • Reduce the expense of coolant replacement
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Save on disposal costs
  • Reclaim tramp oil
  • Bacteria control
  • Odor Removal
  • Reduce Dermatitis

A simple but effective system for removing and separating free oils and light immersible contamination. Coalescing separators and recycling systems combined with bypass filtration provide excellent contamination removal.

The model TS3 tramp oil separator/Coalescer (shown) is designed to remove tramp oil from machine tool coolant, wash water, or other bi-phase fluid mixtures where the dominant phase has a higher specific gravity and the mixture is not chemically emulsified. Coalescence means coming together. It refers to small droplets coming into contact with other droplets and combining to form larger drops. In an oil – water mixture, if two oil droplets are brought into contact with one another there will exist a separating film of water between the droplets. If they are held in contact for a sufficient length of time, this film of water will thin until it ruptures and the droplets will join (coalesce).

The media inside the unit aids in the coalescence process. By dividing the separation volume into smaller segments, the time required for the oil droplets to coalesce is reduced. Oils accumulate on the media surface and flow upwards until a droplet of sufficient size is produced separating from the medial plate. This insures the oil droplet will be removed rather than be flushed out of the unit with the water.

Coolent Recycling

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