Alpha Tool

Dear Harvey

The day you came into my shop and plugged the 210 unit into my EDM ;machine is still one of the best days since I’ve been in business.

The old process of buying oil drums and cleaning which consists of: ($300-$400/drum times 3 for two machines every six months + cleaning; one man all day, operating costs at $50/hour times 8-10 hours) was very costly. Now with your system it is hard to determine when we last bought a drum of oil and also the systems have not been cleaned out for several years. We think we purchase a drum about every 1-2 years and this is due mostly to dripping or evaporation.

We can have clean oil for finish cuts and leave dirty for the heavy cuts. The quality of our finished part is better though it is hard to put a value on that.

I feel that anyone using the ram type EDM machines should have one of your systems. The payback is unbelievable and I thank you.

It is nice to do business with a company that provides reliable equipment and customer service after the sale.

Thank you again and best regards,

Harry E. Piehl