Commercial Vehicles


Hydraulics Fail From Dirt & Water

Engines Wear Out from Particles in Oil

Commercial FilterOil in engines does four things. It lubricates moving parts, cools the engine, cleans away contamination and deposits, and seals combustion chambers. To keep engines running longer, oil must be kept clean. Contamination damages engines. Sources include:

  • Soot from combustion
  • Abrasive dust from intake air
  • Metal wear particles from the engine itself

Oil must work at close tolerances, often in the sub-micron to ten micron range. Ordinary full flow oil filters using pleated paper can only filter through the paper’s (1/32″) thickness. Lab tests show OEM specified full flow filters leave over 10,000 particles per milliliter (cubic centimeter) that are ten micons and below. These are the particles that cause the most engine wear.

Air filters allow sub-micron particles to enter your engine. When this dust enters the cylinder, some of it is trapped in oil on cylinder walls. Contaminates wash into the crank case, circulating through your engine, scratching metal as it goes

Soot particles form when diesel fuel is burned. Soot agglomerates when particles join together to form larger, more damaging carbon granules. Thes granules build-up in the combustion chambers, and circulate in oil too small to be removed by full flow filters. Hard soot flows through you engine, causing wear and tear. Soft soot reacts chemically with additives in your engine oil, shortening its useful life.

Metal particles enter your oil when abrasive dust and soot scratch your engine’s critical parts. These metal particles are often “work-hardened” in the removal process, and are carried by the oil to critical bearing and other lubricated suraces, creating additional abrasive wear.


Until Now, the best response to equipment wear has been frequent oil changes.

The Black Gold Filter System Will:

  • Reduce Damage From Particles In Oil – By removing micron sized contaminatesTransmission Filter
  • Increase Time Between Oil Changes – By continually cleaning the oil
  • Protect Oil From Breakdown – By absorbing coolant and moisture
  • Protect Your Major Investment – By increasing your engine’s life

The Black Gold Filter System lets you go further between oil changes while virtually eliminating the major causes of engine wear.

The Black Gold Filter System can contribute significantly to prolonging engine life. With proper care, good driving techniques, and quality oil, The Black Gold Filter System will help your engine serve you for millions of miles.

Black Gold filter elements work with your engine’s full flow filter, so you always have the basic filtration designed by your engine manufacturer.

Quick & Easy Installations:

  • Pressure point installations using existing engine block parts
  • Easy bypass sandwich oil adaptors for most engines

While most pleated full flow filters have between 500 and 1000 square inches of filtering surface, Black Gold filter elements contain up to 200,000 square inches of uniformly would, precisely tensioned cellulose fibers to trap event the smallest particles. Black Gold filter elements trap particles as small as 1 micron and below, and remove virtually all particle 3 microns and larger. The Black Gold filter elements holds up to 1 gallon of moisture


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