Diesel Fuel

Back-up Generators, Storage Tanks, Vehicles


  • Water and particulate in fuel and storage tanks
  • Bacteria and bacterial slime
  • Quality of new diesel fule due to multiple transfers in the marketing chain
  • Algae and silt can plug high pressure injector systems
  • Paying for a service to either filter on site or pump out and haul away contaminated fuel


  • Dedicated or portable diesel fuel polishing systems
  • Remove water and particulatesDiesel Filter
  • Remove bacteria silt and algae
  • Protect injector systems

Blend Crankcase Oil With Diesel Fuel

Save on costly disposal problems with the Como diesel fuel blending Systems. Through multi-pass filtration, the water and/or particulate can be removed from the crankcase drain oil and blended with diesel fruel at a 5% rate. Thus, removing contaminants while blending in one easy operation. This can be done at the vehicle site or at the storage tank.

The Advantages:

Como Waste OilAny traditional diesel engine can use this system

  • The cost of one gallon of diesel fuel is saved for each gallon of waste oil blended
  • The process is saving our environment by using the oil, not disposing of it
  • Less cost from having to collect, store and transport waste oil
  • More energy in crankcase drain oil than in diesel fuel…more BTU’s

Diesel Fuel – Cleaner & Drier Than New