Inversiones El Idoli

Dear Mr. Schade:

We are very happy with your Model 210 EDM Filter System. It has really solved a big problem for us. Oil is a very important commodity for us here in Guatemala, since it is very hard to get and takes from 2 to 3 months under normal conditions to receive a drum of oil due to local restrictions, traveling time and paperwork.

We were changing oil completely every 2-3 months in our machines. This presented a very big mess and it was very expensive. Now with your filter system, we have been using the same oil since we installed the filter system in the fall of 1988, just adding new oil as needed. We have not had to clean the reservoirs since we started using the Como Filters.

Our machine operators are very happy now, since they have found hat they have less hand and skin irritations, and they now have clean oil to work in, not that dirty muddy oil that really penetrates into the skin and messes up the environment, clothing and work conditions. We tried to use gloves but it gets very uncomfortable.

Our machines are working 12 hours a day burning cavities for rubber and plastic molds. We have a lot of molds for shoe soles and related parts. All of this keeps our EDM’s burning all the time, so this means a lot of heavy burning and a lot of residue in the oil that has to be constantly filtered out.

The original filter systems turned out not to be sufficient to take care of the oil cleaning. Your system on wheels is taking care of 2 machines. We just clean the oil on 1 machine and then move it to the next one. With a new set of filters, a very dirty oil tank can be as clean as new in about 1 hour. Running on both machines, we change the Como filters every 2-3 weeks. We are still using the original filter system in the machines to clean our flush oil, but the heavy contamination is being cleaned by the Como filter.

Another good thing about this system is that we do not have to stop the machines to change the filters. Just simply move the cart out of the area and change the filters outside. We do have some space restrictions in our EDM area, and this system does not take up too much space.

The price of your system was very affordable, and there was no installation required since we simply place the hoses in the work tank. This system has already paid foritself just in the amount of oil we saved and in our inventory, plus we gain in working in a cleaner machine.

Best regards,

Roberto Calvo