Transmission Filters

Transmission FilterTransmission Filtration

  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Extend maintenance interval
  • Reduce abrasive wear
  • Remove moisture
  • Save maintenance dollars


  • Durable powder coated housing
  • Pressure relief valve to assure un-interrupted fluid flow
  • increased transmission fluid capacity for cooling
  • one to five micron pariculate removal performance


Clean and dry transmission fluid does more than transfer power, it also Cleans, Cools, Seals, and Lubricates.

Most transmission hydraulic systems implement standard inline full-flow filters to control particulate contamination that can cause catastrophic failure. A 50 micron full-flow filter can do little to defend a transmission from dirt, wear materials and water. Particles measuring 3 micron and smaller contribute significantly to chain-reaction abrasive wear.Commercial Filter

The Black Gold Transmission Filter provides 1 to 5 micron contamination control and removes moisture to reduce wear, vehicle downtime, and extend maintenance intervals.

Filter Replacement

  • No tools required
  • No turndown bolt
  • Easy alignment

The Black Gold Transmission Filter was designed to be changed easily and efficiently. Simply remove the cover (no tools necessary), pull out the spent element and install the new element. The post in the cover of the housing ensures the element is properly aligned for maximum efficiency.