Marina & Boating

Filtration for Marinas & Boating

  • Diesel Fuel & Gas Filtration for cleaner and drier than newWaste Oil
  • Oil Filtration for cleaner and drier than new
  • Oil & Water separators for Bilge Water (down to 0 ppm oil)
  • Ozone & Filtration for on board Laundries
  • Ozone or UV & Filtration for Drinking Water
  • Ozone & Filtration for Sewage Treatment
  • Air Purification & Filtration for HVAC
  • Portable Air Purification for individual rooms (Bars, Galleys & Workout Rooms)
  • Ozone & Filtration for Pools & Spas

Portable Filter Cart

  • Oil Filtration:
  • Hydraulic Oil                                           “Oil & Diesel/Cleaner & Drier than NEW”
  • Engine Oil
  • Diesel
  • Cutting Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Diesel Fuel and Gasoline

Model 120:Commercial Filter

  • Cleans Oil Fast & Continuously
  • Ultra Fine Contamination Control to One Micron or Below
  • Water Removal Up to One Gallon Per Element
  • Moves Easily From Job to Job

image05Large Hybrid Ozonator

Compressor Driven Ozonator for Pools, In-Ground Spas and Commercial Water Purification Systems up to 50,000 gallons

These systems have been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories to NSF Standard 50 for pools and spas and are UL Listed and Classified for residential and commercial applications.

Maximum ozone output and long life is insured through the use of advanced solid-state electronics and high output compressors.