Problems With These Oils

  • Hydraulic
  • Lubrication
  • Engine
  • Diesel applications / equipment

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

Water and particulate contamination does not mean that the hydraulic oil must be disposed of and replaced. Through multi-pass filtration, the water and/or particulate can be removed from the hydraulic oil and thus extend the fluid life. Additionally, both fine and gross contamination can be removed through the use of multi-pass filtration. Gross contamination (100 micron and larger particles) is usually removed with a bag filter(s) and fine contamination (down to one micron) is removed with our depth filter(s).

Multi-pass filtration is performed on a kidney loop basis. In a kidney loop, the sump/reservoir hydraulic oil is filtered continuously, independent of the machines normal operation. Since filtration occurs independent of the machines normal operation, a specified or minimum flow rate does not have to be maintained. Filtration can be performed slowly and continuously reducing total contamination in the sump/reservoir to one micron or less.