Parts Washer Fluid (Water Based Only)

Problems Now

  • Tramp oil
  • Short fluid life
  • Replacement cost
  • Disposal cost
  • Unacceptable finished product

What Happens to Parts Washer Fluids?

As your parts washer fluid is used and reused it begins to accumulate tramp oil and contaminants that accumulate in the tramp oil. After a period of time this build up will affect your finished parts. Your parts will come out of your wash tank with oil and contaminants attached. The result will be rejected parts from your customer, meaning rework for you, which will negatively influence your profit.

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

The presence of tramp oil and contaminants does not mean that the parts washer fluid must be disposed of and replaced. Through multi-pass filtration the tramp oil and contaminants can be removed from the parts washer fluid and thus the life of the fluid can be increased. This can be accomplished by using a COMO oil/water separator or coalescer. This system can be purchased as either a portable or stationary unit. The fluid passes through our floating skimmer into a hanging filter bag to catch the particulate and then flows into our coalescing tank for tramp oil removal thus restoring your parts washer fluid.