Quench Water

What happens to the Quench Water?

As polymer quench water is used, its inherent properties of heat transfer ability and finishing quality begin to degrade. This degradation in quench quality occurs because the quench water is gradually being contaminated with particulate. Particulate contamination will alter polymer quench water cooling rate by un-balancing the chemistry and diminish finish quality on quenched parts, and increase rejected parts, down time and maintenance costs.

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

Particulate contamination does not mean that the quench water must be disposed of and replaced. Through COMO multi-pass Depth Filtration, the particulate can be removed from the polymer quench water stabilizing the chemistry, thus the life of the fluid can be increased. Both fine and gross contamination can be removed through the use of multi-pass filtration. COMO multi-pass Depth Filtration will reduce part cracking and distortion, improve heat transfer efficiency and improve finish quality.