Fireproof Aircraft Hydraulic Oil Recycling

Problems Now

  • Disposal cost (hazardous waste)
  • Replacement cost
  • Downtime
  • Particulate contamination
  • “New” oil contamination

What Happens to aging Phosphate Ester Oils?

Contamination is the major cause of oil breakdown and subsequent oleo strut and, or retractable landing gear hydraulic failure. Particulate contamination and moisture provide the environment for seal and o-ring degradation leading to leaks and bleed down, or a catastrophic failure. Pump, actuator, valve seals and o-rings are vulnerable to dirt and moisture contamination that is aggravated by temperature cycling. Malfunction is not an option.

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

COMO has standard and custom designed Skydrol® equipmentthat ranges from a single filter housing to larger on site batch recycling systems. Cleaner than new oil is the goal.

COMO Filtration does not remove oil additives.