Lube Oil

Problems Now

  • Replacement cost
  • “New” oil contamination
  • Moisture in oil
  • Particulate contamination
  • Disposal costs

Lube Oil Applications

Typical applications are rear axle differentials, transfer cases, gear reducers, planetary gear drives, gear motors, and some bearing applications. These oils are designed to cool and lubricate the contact surfaces of the gear under extremely high pressures. Keeping this oil clean is the key to long equipment life. Having clean oil in your equipment at all times would be the perfect solution to the life of that machine. Life, though, is not perfect. Contamination is always being formed. In some applications, such as coal pulverization in power plants, contamination is a large concern. Coal dust from the pulverizer can get into the gear drive causing accelerated wear leading to shortened life of the equipment. There are ways to maintain the cleanliness of the oil indefinitely!

The Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

COMO Filtration is the answer to keeping lube oil clean! Through multi-pass filtration, the water and/or particulate can be removed from the lube oil and thus extend the fluid life. Additionally, both fine and gross contamination can be removed through the use of multi-pass filtration. Gross contamination (100 micron and larger particles) is usually removed with a bag filter(s) and fine contamination (down to one micron) is removed with our depth filter(s).

Multi-pass filtration is performed on a kidney loop basis. In a kidney loop, the sump/reservoir hydraulic oil is filtered continuously, independent of the machines normal operation. Since filtration occurs independent of the machines normal operation, a specified or minimum flow rate does not have to be maintained. Filtration can be performed slowly and continuously reducing total contamination in the sump/reservoir to one micron or less.